How to Keep Massachusetts Pigeons Out of Your Barn Starting Today!

Pigeons will normally cause problems once they decided to build their nest in our Cambridge barn. This can invite the mites and also encourage the spread of diseases. The droppings of the birds are acidic that can corrode the metal and wood materials in our barn which can greatly damage the structure. Fortunately, there are heaps of options that you can use to humanely repel these creatures. 

3 Effective Ways to Keep the Pigeons off the Barn

There are steps that you can take to ensure that the presence of these Massachusetts birds will not cause any conflict. Before starting any removal method, we highly encourage you to familiarize yourself to the local ordinances and legislations that protect these birds against unlawful eviction and inhumane killing.

1. Avoiding the Problem

Perhaps one of the primary reasons why the pigeons are invading your barn is due to the presence of food. In order to control the pigeons congregating in your barn, it is highly essential that you limit the availability of water and food. Here are some of the things that you should do.

    Clear the grains spilled on the ground.

    Store the grains in a sealed container

    If possible, invest on a covered feeders that prevents the pigeons from getting access on the grains

    Make sure that the water level is deep enough that will prevent the pigeons from standing over on the water.

2. Exclude the Cambridge Birds

Perhaps the best way to eliminate your problem with the Massachusetts pigeons is to exclude them from your barns. The initial cost of bird exclusion may be expensive but the result will definitely satisfy you. Here are some ways to do it.

    Use Bird Netting- you can exclude the pigeons from the usual roosting site by covering it with bird nettings. 

    Seal the Cracks- It is highly essential that you will cover all the cracks, holes, crevices, and gaps that are around 0.5 inch in diameter. 

3. Home Modification

On the off chance that using Massachusetts exclusion devices is not at all possible due to some circumstance, simple house modification will help you keep them from our barn. Keep in mind that simple modification will be laborious and time consuming.

    Altering the Angle of the Roosting Site- The angle of the roosting ground of the pigeon should be change to 45-degrees. You may achieve this by installing wood planks or metals on a slanted position. 

    Adding catwalks- The pigeons are using their roosting site since they feel safe here. By installing cat walks, you are giving the cat an access to their roosting ground. Since the cats are the predators of the pigeons, they will stay away from your barn immediately as soon as there is a presence of cat.

Finally, you can also reduce the capacity of the Cambridge pigeons to reproduce. If it is possible to reach the nest, you can simply poke a small hole on the egg and return it to the nest. The pigeon will continue sitting on it hoping that it will hatch.

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