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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Cambridge! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Cambridge, MA. Even a small animal infestation can prove to be a big problem whether you live in a home with your family, or whether you are operating a commercial premises. This is why you should consider calling us, as we are probably the biggest wildlife control company in the area, and we can offer the flexibility and the efficiency to offer you a service at the time it suits you. Our knowledgeable telephone agents are on hand to take your call whenever you discover the problem, and they can give you a rough estimate of the cost as well as suggesting measures that you can take for yourself. We have technicians covering every area with the scope for emergency call-outs if you need us immediately, or even arranging astandard appointment that will often be on the same day. We take pride in using the most efficient methods of dealing with animal infestations, which means we will never use dangerous and inhumane poisons around your property. We will carry out a comprehensive 32-point inspection of the area to find out where the animals are active and how they are getting in and out, and can also offer a sanitization and repair service once the pest animals have been removed. Call us now at 617-430-7455 for your Cambridge wildlife control needs.

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Problems Related with the Digging of the Massachusetts Armadillo and What It Means for YOU

Not a lot of Cambridge people will think that the armadillo is an amazing creature. This is due to the fact that they can cause significant damages to our property. Their habit of digging can lead to the destruction of crops. This is why farmers, homeowners, and gardeners will need to look for solution to eliminate them. The armadillos are interesting animals. They are not territorial and will immediately leave your house without causing any problem. However, there are also instances when this creature will be a major nuisance to the suburban areas.

Types of Damages Caused by the Digging Habit of Armadillo

Armadillos are formidable diggers that can damage our Massachusetts lawns and property. They are armed with sharp claws and strong legs that can easily dislodge the soil in our yard. There are also indirect damages that are related to their digging habit.

Uprooting the Flowers and Plants

The Cambridge armadillo will not be mindful of the flowers and plants when digging the insects. They will only care about the worm and larvae underground. In the process of digging the food, they will uproot the flowers and plants in the garden. They can also accidentally destroy the roots that will also lead to the destruction of our garden. The cost of damages in our garden can easily increase to $1,000 in only a short period of time.

Unsightly Appearance of the Lawn

Maintaining a Massachusetts lawn will be difficult when there is a presence of armadillo infestation. While digging for the grubs and insects, they will create shallow holes and will grab the insect using their long and sticky tongue. In just one night, the armadillo will have the capacity to dig at least 10 shallow holes in your yard that will make your expensive lawn look unsightly. 

Damages on the Structure

The damages that can be caused by the burrowing creatures such as the armadillo in our Massachusetts property can be unimaginable. This can translate to expensive repairs or complete renovation of the property. The armadillo has a habit of establishing their den close to the foundation of our property. The soil that originally holds the foundation of our house in place will be removed. In case water penetrated their den, the water will seep through the foundation that will weaken it. This will lead to the cracking of the concretes. If the damage is too severe, repairing it will no longer be possible.

There are also instances when the Cambridge armadillo will cause damages while trying to get inside our property. If your fence is not buried properly, the armadillo can easily create a tunnel that goes through our garden. This act would be damaging to the stability of our fences. Armadillos can be one of the most damaging nuisance creatures that can invade your house. They are nocturnal creatures which is why it is often difficult to determine their presence. Pay attention to the marks and droppings they left behind to determine the presence of infestation. Once you discover their tracks, hire the service of the wildlife removal expert to get rid of them.