A Guide on the Amazing Climbing Ability of Cambridge Rats - Learn What They're Capable Of!

Once the wintertime comes, it is not uncommon for us to be bothered by the presence of rats in our Cambridge house. They have to look for warm and comfortable shelter to escape the freezing weather and our house is an excellent place. If you think that your house is completely sealed from this vermin, you may have to look at the higher areas of your house. With their amazing climbing ability, they can reach the highest point of your house.

How Well Do They Climb?

The amazing climbing ability of the Massachusetts rats allowed them to survive in different parts of the world. During the early phase of civilization, the rats climbed the ship to gain an access to other countries. They can traverse the vertical walls without any issue. They can reach the top of the trees in a few seconds. They can even use the utility wires and cables as bridge to go to our roof. 

According to the study that was performed at University of Nebraska, Cambridge rats have the ability to climb various types of walls. This may include drywall, plastic, stucco, sheet metal, brick, wood, and concrete walls. Almost all types of rodents have amazing climbing skills. However, their ability will vary depending on the species. 

Why Are Massachusetts Rats Good Climbers?

The anatomical structure of the rats plays a major role in their ability to climb. They have pads and claws that can grip on any types of surfaces. Their paws are equipped with five-phalanx fingers that are incredibly sharp. They are also armed with tiny dermal ridges which amplify the friction and help the rats to latch on multiple surfaces. 

The tail of the Massachusetts rats can also be used to achieve a perfect balance. They may use this to wrap on the utility wires, cables, and ropes. If you observe a rat walking on a cable, you will notice how their movement is quite similar to the acrobat that is walking on a tight rope. The rats also have an outstanding jumping ability. They can leap vertically at around 36 and horizontally at approximately 48 inches. This means that they can easily reach your roof even though the branch of the tree is a few feet away from your roof. In case they fall on the ground, they will be able to survive if they fall in a height of 50 ft. 

The amazing climbing ability of the Cambridge rat is something homeowners should worry about. They may use this to easily access our attic. To prevent them from infesting our house, you want to make sure that there are no access points even in the high areas of our house. Even an insignificant hole can be enlarged with their sharp teeth. Rat-proofing your home will be time-consuming and arduous process. This is why we often advise our readers to let the professional handle it. The experts will follow a systematic and comprehensive process that will deter the activity of the rats despite of their unbelievable climbing skill.

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